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The penal code, after the amendments to the art. 81 introduced in 1974, provides for such cases a lighter sentence than the actual competition. In the ongoing crime the block of laws is expected to be adopted.

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A non-place provision can not be issued by the court to proceed on a juridical level if it considers that a preventive measure other than expropriation must be advanced from the acquittal. Therefore, the GUP will proceed only to ascertain the existence of evidence to carry out the debate and its evaluation.

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The spread of viruses and malware.

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For our legal system is a sexual offense with minors, even if there is the consent of the child, in the case of sexual relations: with minors under the age of 14, when the crime is committed by an adult and therefore, he is 18 years old; with minors under the age of 13, in all circumstances, even between subjects both minors; with minors under the age of 16, when the offense is committed by an adult who has custody of the minor for reasons of treatment, education, training, protection or foster care or having a common life relationship with him; with minors in the event that the crime is committed by the real parents, the adoptive ones, or by the guardian of the minor, or by another person who lives together with the previous persons mentioned.

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The term preterintentional is used when the desire of the acting man did not coincide with the implementation of the action of juridical importance, an action which however took place for: summary fault: laziness, or non-fulfillment of an obliged action; recklessness, ie violation of a total prohibition to take action or a prohibition to do so through established and established practices; incompetence, or laziness or recklessness in actions for which specific skills or competences are required; specific fault, ie violations of laws (legislative power), regulations (executive power), provisions (public deeds), disciplinary acts (documents and documents from individuals who conduct hazardous activities). Own and improper fault.

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For the procedural criminal law, the arrest in flagrancy and detention for the crime are two temporary proceedings that have the main characteristic of limiting the freedom of the individual, through the so-called preventive measures, whose legal discipline is found in Title VI of the Book V of the criminal procedure code.

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In our legal system, every transgression of interests that are protected by law is considered illegitimate damage. It is useful to remember that not all interests have juridical importance, the compensation of damages is prescribed only when the transgression of the interests of other subjects constitutes an "illegitimate damage" [1].

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