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What is a digital signature?

A legislative description of digital signature is provided for by art. 1 of the D.P.R. 28.12.2000, n. 445 (legislation at the legislative level and procedures in the field of administrative documents, called the Consolidated Text of Administrative Documentation) which provides for such an explanation:

the digital signature is a suitable electronic signature that is based on a structure of non-symmetric pair keys, a common and a reserved one, which allows the manager through the reserved key and to the consignee through the common key, to make clear and check the origin and nature of an IT-level act or of a series of IT documents.

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Such a signature can be light or heavy, depending on the level of certainty and security it provides.

The heavy one has the certain elements:

- is uniquely linked to the signer;
- is able to ascertain the signer;
- it is generated with tools through which the signer can have total control;
- is linked to the information to which it refers in order to allow any change in the aforementioned information to be identified.
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Provided there are such elements, such heavy signature must be validated by a certification institute on an external level, through strict and "certified" procedures established through a public list, and explicitly appointed for this (such as the Chamber of Commerce), and must guarantee certain characteristics at a technical and material level (ie that the signer is the only one who knows the private key to activate the signing process).

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With reference to the Italian directive, which has received provisions on the basis of the aforementioned signature derived in Europe, only if there are the aforementioned elements, the digital signature can have the same validity as the original one and can make the documentation valid according to law.

The light digital signature, however, can not be compared to the original one and is not suitable to make the documentation valid according to law, since there is no external certification institute.

The same can be used in limited circuits, in which two or more people decide the value to be granted to such a signature in order to accommodate certain documents, ascertaining that they derive from the holder (such as corporate, banking or insurance institutions that grant customers the equipment electronic signature in order to ascertain the documentation).

How does the digital signature work?

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The aforementioned signature, both "light" and "heavy", consists of an "asymmetric keys" (or "public-key" or "double-key") device, actually two sequences of alphanumeric signs, intentionally created, of one owned only by the signer (secret key), and the other owned by everyone (public key).

The secret key is useful to apply the signature, the public one to ascertain that the documentation actually derives from the responsible.

The securing of a certain device consists in the fact that only a private key is connected to any public key, and that, with the acquisition of only the public key, the private key can not be absolutely recognized.

To offer the correlation between "public key" and "private key" as well as the key manager in charge of the signing person, reference is made to a certification institute (such as Inggor pp), a third person whose institutional obligation it is however to offer the security of the person in charge of the public keys (through the "certificates") and to make evident all the public keys (by means of a register at the telematic level).

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