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It should be noted that, for the compensation of permanent damage to a minor or to a person not able to understand and to want, it is useful to be authorized by the judge in charge of protection. Road Accident - loss compensation from loss, protection and legal voluntary support throughout the region.

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Why, when a road accident occurs, do you need to ask the law firm for assistance? there are several reasons why it is necessary to request the intervention of a lawyer and mainly of the study when involved in a road accident; in fact, just calling our law firm you will be able to fall into the traps of insurance companies that act against their customers (ensuring only minimum repayments) and have at the same time:

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great discretion, ability and professional skills in the field of road accidents.

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The discipline of the reimbursement of damages, mainly when such damages are caused to the physical person (injuries), is certainly a complicated and particular discipline, which foresees a great study and a great professional skill and that, however, can be elaborated only by experts (legal ) with extensive experience in this area.

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Therefore, it is of primary interest that the damaged persons, no doubt not very expert but not their fault, immediately request legal assistance to see their rights protected. Fast repayment times damage suffered.

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Total sum of the reimbursement higher than the "usually" reimbursed by the insurance companies. All this because only a lawyer is able to know, in detail, all types of damage redeemable in the actual case; protection and legal support (both extra-judicial and judicial) voluntary. It is advisable for the clientele to know that, by being assisted by the study, the fee and all the costs ruled by the lawyers of the study are the responsibility of the person guilty of the accident and of his insurance company which, in the end, will not only have to repay the damage to the person who suffered them but also to compensate - in separate place - the legal services.

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Medical examiner in the study. The fact that there is a coroner within the law firm is of primary interest in the situation in which a road accident with injured persons is involved, since only a partial medical report allows the calculation of a preliminary and correct and effective level. , the damage on a permanent level.

When can you operate lawfully against the insurance company? The person who has suffered damages may operate at the legal level when: the insurance company has refused the claim for reimbursement of the damage, due to defects in the form in the drafting of the same request or due to challenge of the party who caused the damage; the insurance company has not expressed the offer or refusal on time; no agreement has been reached on the same offer, as it is considered by the injured person to be inadequate.

The judicial activity can be started only if: after 30 days (when there are only damages to the cars and the cid form signed by both drivers) 60 days have passed (when there are only damages to the cars), 90 days have passed (when there are slight injuries) that are passed from the one in which the injured person reported the accident to the insurance company.

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In conclusion, in all situations of discord, we only need to operate at the legal level against the insurance company to request an appropriate reimbursement of damages.

The study team is able to provide its clients with a fair legal defense in any appeal to obtain reimbursement of damages against the insurance company. Generally the parties involved do not take action against the insurance companies because they are not able to support the huge legal costs. For this reason, the firm provides its customers with complete legal protection at no cost.

In the law firm, for any client, the probable physical / permanent damage caused by the road accident in which he was involved can be calculated roughly.

However it is essential to be aware that the same calculation is done at an approximate level since it does not include the days of i.t.t. (total temporary illness) and i.t.p. (partial temporary infirmity) that add up to the percentage of physical damage.

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