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What are the main aggravating factors?

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In the typologies of individuals who are implicated in the accusation of having performed a harmful action, a distinction must be made between the figure of the sinister and that of the inactive individual.

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The claim of the offended party is claimed. In fact, the mistake on his participation, that is to consider it not present in the moment in which the outrage takes place, expels the intention and therefore the offense, excluding the circumstance that in the gesture may arise the different offense of insult, where they participate more individuals.

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The jurisprudential doctrine, in a practically unanimous way, establishes that the not true notification of loss of a check perfects the crime of false accusation, since it is attributed to the beneficiary of the title, who could easily discover the account holder and return the model, the unlawful robbery or acquisition of stolen goods.

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The legislation then establishes that, where such particular worsening conditions occur, the penalty for the offense is imprisonment from one to six years and the fine from € 103 to € 1,032: if the person responsible, to carry out the robbery, enters or he stops in a house or in another place used for the home; if the perpetrator exercises abuses on the objects or uses all sorts of incorrect instruments; if the manager has arments or drugs with him, without using them; if the robbery is done quickly; if the robbery is carried out by three or more individuals, or even by a single person, who is falsified or pretends to be a public official or a public office worker; if the robbery is carried out on the cargo of passengers in every type of vehicle, in railway stations, in airports or sidewalks, in hotels or in other places where food or drinks are supplied; if the robbery concerns objects that are found in public offices or complexes, or confiscated or foreclosed structures, or left for need or for habit or for assignment to the public profession, or used for public tasks or for public use, protection or respect; if the robbery is carried out on three or more animals organized in herds or in flocks, or on bovine or equine beasts, even if not in flock.

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The obligation is distinguished because it represents the right of an individual, both physical and legal, to the individual functions of other persons. In its simplest meaning the obligation can be defined as a commitment that connects one individual to another for the implementation of a given service; for example: the creditor must obtain the sums from the insolvent, the holder must have professional services from his subordinate and the employee must collect the pay and so on.

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We examine better the legal means, different from the normal cause, indicated by the national laws for the recovery of the sums. The injunction decree. The injunctive procedure or appeal by order of injunction is governed by articles 633 and following of the c.p.c .. The art. 633 c.p.c. provides these words: "

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