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The jurisdiction of several criminal offenses lies with the Criminal Justice of the Criminal Court, such as those concerning micro-litigation circumstances, three private subjects. Its functions are established by the Law 468/99 and the relative D.lgs. of application 274/00.

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Such offenses are (Article 5 of Legislative Decree 274/00):

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Strokes (article 581 c.p.)

Individual injuries (Article 582 c.p.)

Injury to a person of negligent nature (Article 590 of the Civil Code)

Lack of rescue (Article 593 c.p.)

Outrage (Article 594 c.p.)

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Defamation (Article 595 of the Civil Code)

Intimidation (Article 612 of the Civil Code)

Robberies can be sanctioned by lawsuit of the injured party (Article 626 of the Civil Code)

Theft of collective property (Article 627 of the Civil Code)

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Undue appropriation (Article 631 of the Civil Code)

Deviation of watercourses and alteration of the territorial conformation (Article 632 c.p.)

Occupation of land or buildings (Article 633 para.p.)

Deterioration (Article 635 of the Italian Civil Code)

Entry or release of animals in the land of third parties and non-standard grazing (Article 636 c.p.)

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Non-standard entry into third-party land (Article 581 of the Civil Code)

Killing or damage to third parties animals (Article 638 of the Italian Civil Code)

Change and deterioration of third party assets (Article 639 of the Civil Code)

Acquisition of lost property, assets or property due to errors or random factors (Article 647 of the Italian Civil Code)

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Distribution of alcoholic beverages to minors or mental patients (Article 689 of the Civil Code)

Induction of third parties under the influence of alcohol (Article 690 of the Civil Code)

Distribution of alcoholic beverages to third parties in states of evident intoxication (Article 691 of the Civil Code)

Actions that violate the public decorum. Obscene lexicon (Article 726 c.p.)

Transgression of the obligation of elementary training for minors (Article 731 of the Civil Code)

Furthermore, its function is also legitimate for other criminal circumstances provided for by specific laws.

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For crimes that provide for prosecution by lawsuit, the person who has suffered injuries may proceed or through the lawsuit, or rely directly on the Justice of the Peace on the art. 21 of Legislative Decree 274/00.

However, if the complaint is used, the possibility of presenting the next appeal is not hindered, provided that the limit of three months is kept in mind.

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IT crimes.

With the application of the provision of the European Union (R [9] 89), the regulation 547/93 included in the national law a series of crimes called informatics), since a given illegal activity is performed through IT or telematic tools.

Such offenses are:

Illegal implementation of one s own reflections (Article 392 c.p.)

Damage to devices for public use (Article 420 of the Italian Civil Code)

Non-reliability of IT documents (Article 491-bis of the Italian Civil Code)

Illegal entry into IT devices (Article 615-ter c.p.)

Possession and illegal distribution of entry codes (Article 615-quater c.p.)

Diffusion of applications aimed at causing damage or blocking an IT device (Article 615-quinquies of the Civil Code)

Violation of information and IT and telematic information (Article 616, 617-quater, 617-quinquies, 617-sexies c.p.)

Disclosure of confidential documents (Article 621 of the Italian Civil Code)

Remote passage of data and news (Article 623-bis c.p.)

Damage to computer or electronic systems (Article 635-bis of the Italian Civil Code)

Fraud with computerized means (Article 640-ter of the Civil Code).

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